The birth of Restored2bLoved

This is my very first blog for Restored2bloved and I am so excited that the shop has finally been launched, or 'born' as I like to think of it as it feels like my baby!

 It has taken 4 months of really hard work to get to this stage and it feels like this is the first opportunity I have  had to sit down and reflect back on this time. It's safe to say there have been some real highs and lows during this 'pregnancy'.

I have loved sourcing all of the beautiful  stock for the shop which has got to be one of the best things about running a vintage store. One of the highlights was my visit to the Amien vintage fair  or Brocante - the atmosphere and range of French vintage treasures  was absolutely amazing and maybe a little overwhelming, such a brilliant day out. Some of the lows have got to be the hours spent 'up skilling' in order to create my own website, although I have to say that now its launched I feel a real sense of achievement.

Anyway having spent the past 4 months completely immersed in Restored2beloved, I have looked up and noticed that Christmas is fast approaching- where did all that time go? For me Christmas is one of the best times to get creative, have  fun and start decorating the home to create that magic atmosphere for Christmas. I have been amazed at the amount of inspiration that is around at the moment and i have started to capture some of this on my Pinterest Christmas board, so I am going to sign out now and start planning x