Where has the year gone?

Wow, that 12 months went so quickly. I can't believe Restored2bloved has been running for a full year. I feel like I have hardly had time to catch my breath, it's been such a busy 12 months. It has been so challenging and  invigorating, creating something I have always wanted to do.  Of course it has had its ups and downs, but I have learnt so much over this past year.

The nicest bit of the business has got to be meeting so many lovely like-minded people who really appreciate all of those lovely 'old things' that just make your home and garden so unique. We have chatted to so many  people while we have been exhibiting at shows and had some fun moments; including young children playing in old tin baths, people reminiscing over old mangles and garden lovers appreciating  our repurposing ideas for things like old tea cups, copper pans, galvanised buckets! I have learnt so much from people who usually start a sentence with 'we used to have one like that' . But best of all has been delivering a surprise gift for somebody who has been searching for something for a while;  a mangle for the garden, an old French wheelbarrow, a table and chairs, a big welsh dresser,  a huge factory sink to name but a few. It's been great to be part of that special moment and to see the piece look 'just right ' for that carefully considered space.

I have also loved all of the feedback from the parcels I have posted. It's great to know they have got there safely and you 'love them', particularly when they are breakables. I have to smile about how far they travel, USA, Italy, Norway, China, Serbia, Australia and we even sent 6 milk churns to New Zealand - they were wanted for a vintage wedding.     

Of course sourcing all of those lovely things has got to be a high point. We have been to some fantastic French brocantes, had a laugh with many French families and when our French isn't up to the job we have had some great demonstrations from stall holders about how a piece works. I have even been made to  sit on things to prove their strength!

We very quickly learnt that hiring a van can be a bit like Russian roulette so we invested in a lovely new van - never thought I would be excited about such a thing! I now want to take it everywhere 'just in case we find something nice'. We had a great time in the summer touring  brocantes in the Loire and the South of France  while we were on holiday, we filled the whole van full of amazing goodies.

Anyway, I am absolutely loving my career change despite a year's worth of very hard work and 'lessons learnt'. Next year I want to do lots more Fairs so it would be lovely to have a chat if you see me, I also plan to update my blog much  more regularly - maybe  I will start with some painting adventures!